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First Aid & CPR (SF005)

The First Aid Basics course trains workers to provide first aid for various emergencies. You'll learn how to assess a victim's condition, contact emergency medical services (EMS), perform CPR, and treat multiple types of wounds.

This awareness-level course is 100% online and does not provide an official first aid certification. Practical hands-on training is typically required for any course that issues first aid certification.

After completing the course, you'll be prepared to

• Assess the condition of a victim
• Explain how and when to contact emergency medical services
• Administer first aid for a variety of different emergencies
• Use materials and equipment required for administering first aid

First Aid Course Outline
• Introduction
• Module 1: Basics of First Aid
• Module 2: Breathing Emergencies
• Module 3: Physical Injuries
• Exam

CPR and AED Essentials
• Course Introduction
• Introduction to CPR
• Module 1 Quiz
• Personal Safety During CPR
• Module 2 Quiz
• The CAB Method
• Module 3 Quiz
• AEDs
• Module 4 Quiz
  • Course Content
  • Lesson 1: First Aid
  • Lesson 2: CPR and AED Essentials
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed