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OSHA RF, GHS and Hazard Communication (SF002)

Personal safety is extremely important when working in an RF environment. OSHA requires business owners to maintain a comprehensive RF program which includes training for all workers who work on or near wireless and broadcast communication sites.

Failure to comply can result in personal injury, fines, and lawsuits.

Workers who perform tasks on rooftops, towers, and other structures where cellular antennas and other RF generating devices are present may be at risk of exposure to hazardous levels of RF radiation. Understanding these risks and how to properly mitigate them is crucial to the safety of all wireless personnel. The RF Awareness & Safety training course is specifically designed to:

• Assist wireless personnel in developing a comprehensive RF Safety
• Plan that protects themselves as well as the general public who may be unaware of the risks associated with RF exposure.

This course is recommended for:
• RF Technicians, and RF Engineers
• System Analysts and Subcontractors
• Site Acquisition personnel
• Decision-makers and operations personnel

This course is compliant with the guidelines required by the following agencies — ANSI, IEEE, NCRP, FCC, FDA, OSHA, and US EPA.

• FCC Recommended Signage
• MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure
• MPE Overview and MPE Math
• General Public vs. Occupational Exposure
• RF Health & Safety Outline
• Steps to Compliance
• Personal Monitors, RF Suits, and other PPE
• Restricted Approach Programs
• Biological and Health Effects
• Barrier Recommendations

  • Course Content
  • Lessons and materials
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed